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New NYS Workplace Violence Prevention Law | Effective 01/04/24

New NYS Workplace Violence Prevention Law | Effective as of 01/04/24



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Security Solutions

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Window Laminate

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Security Equipment


In-Person Training



Watch as Charles Kelley, Pastor and Principal at Gospel of Grace Christian School, shares his insights on working with Counteractive Solutions. He discusses their assistance in security training, conducting security assessments, and installing window laminate.

"Professional advice that comes from Years of experience! There is no one else I would suggest other than Counteractive solutions."

-Charles Kelley

Pastor & Principal, Gospel of Grace Christian School

Learn how to protect yourself, your co-workers, and your organization

In an era where unfortunate incidents of violence plague our schools, places of worship, and businesses, Counteractive Solutions offers a set of solutions to bring you one step closer to protection. Our protective window laminate is on a mission to safeguard schools, churches, and workplaces, empowering them to proactively embrace a new level of security.

Helping thousands across the whole northeast

Did you know?

The average police response time is between 4-12 minutes. Window laminate helps slow the attacker to give police the critical time they need to respond. Every second counts.

** Response times across the nation for prior mass shootings **

School Shooting in Perry Iowa

Nashville Shooting:

Time to police response - 7 minutes

police called - 10:13 AM

police arrived - 10:21 AM

police entry - 10:23 AM

V Tech Shooting:

police called - 9:45 AM

police entry - 9:54 AM

Sandy Hook Shooting:

Time to police entry - 6 minutes

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